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What’s your campaign?

Nurture? Welcome? Seasonal? Adoption? Drip?

Are you using MailChimp, Constant Contact? Campaigner? Marketing Automation suites like Marketo, Hubspot or Eloqua?

I’ve written hundreds of campaign emails with 5-10 subject lines for each one. Open rates range up to 38%. These emails have created leads for millions of dollars in sales–and more than a few laughs.

I have retired 2 whiteboards.

Here’s a new success:  Subject line:  “Go BLUE!” My client achieved a 30%+ open rate for this football season-timed enigmatic email.

Wacom is a fun example. Their kickass graphics and animation computers are used by videogame designers, animators, educators and professional artists. My job was to craft compelling copy to bring people to event booths, to download content, and to raise their hand that they want more.

Wacom had strong persona information and a robust style guide–two types of content I often am asked to develop. With strong direction, the creative had support and parameters, helping it land with impact.

How can you go wrong with this guy in your style guide?


This year, American Flatbread Products is re-introducing its Frustas in select markets.  We asked “What’s a Frusta?” and “How do you pronounce Frusta?” to kick off a digital and social campaign.

“Is it like two pizzas in a pod? Is it like a pizza taco?”

Tell us in your own words! We’re giving away a trip for two to Little Italy in NYC to the top submission for the BEST and the FUNNIEST description of Frustas – and each entry is another chance to win some of our other prizes, like Free Frustas for a year!

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